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Resonate : Brand Nouveau Initiative VAULT Edition Nouveau Riche

Resonate plunges into the mania of addiction affliction merging physical theatre, hip hop dance and spoken word. A pulsating lyrical journey into the soul of a modern young man from multi award winning company Nouveau Riche, written by Ntonga Mwanza.<br/>The Brand Nouveau Initiative, in partnership VAULT Festival, brings together a group of the best black and minority ethnic emerging artists ready to take the next step in their careers. The scheme provides opportunities to expand their networks, receive first class mentoring from our award winning team, and benefit from creative space, time and research opportunities.<br/>Following successful productions at New Diorama and Soho, this is your chance to experience the next generation of theatre practitioners collaborating together to create exciting, brand new work.<br/>Praise for Nouveau Riche -<br/>WINNER - Underbelly and New Diorama UNTAPPED Award (Queens of Sheba)
BEST NEW PLAY - Off West End Award Nomination (Typical)
BEST MALE PERFORMANCE - Off West End Award Nomination (Typical)

Just Us Dance presents Just Us Dance Theatre

A Hip Hop dance theatre work in response to Joseph Toonga’s latest touring work Born to Manifest - A male duet that illuminates the experiences of young black British men. Conveying the relentless incidents that continue to occur today and simultaneously champions cultural identity and challenges racial stigmas.<br/>The young men of the Let’s Shine Mentorship programme reveal the complexity of their individual journeys and the results of the prominent social stereotypes that continue to cause oppression.

Two Super Super Hot Men Alan and Ron

Alan and Ron are sweaty. Really sweaty. The heat is rising in their studio and the milk has gone off. But life goes on, right? <br/>As they continue to soundtrack climate documentaries, it becomes harder and harder to describe what’s going on. Alan is growing leaves and Ron can’t stop crying. Can they escape to a new future? Can they create it?<br/>A show about (dis)connection with nature, and the power of imagination in a time of climate crisis.<br/>—<br/>Alan and Ron are a new comedy theatre duo made up of Alice Boyd and Rosa Garland, members of the award-winning company Poltergeist. Their most recent show, ‘Art Heist’, won New Diorama and Underbelly’s Untapped Award 2019, and was a sell-out show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019.<br/>Alice and Rosa are set out to make work that is political - but also pant-wettingly hilarious, uplifting and accessible.<br/>'Two Super Super Hot Men' was developed with support from Arts Council England, artsdepot, and the Pleasance Theatre.<br/>Find them on Twitter and Instagram @alanandron

#Hypocrisy Imogen Stirling Poetry

A seamless blend of sharp spoken word poetry, dark comedy and original music, #Hypocrisy examines Western privilege, and reminds us that in complacency lies the most heart-stopping terror.
Lost in the bliss of foreign travel, Imogen joyfully succumbs to the spoils of Western privilege. Returning to Scotland, a harsh society confronts her. Dangerous politicians prevail, fake news is king and social media sympathy pours forth for Western terror victims, yet backs turn on the migrant crisis. What staggering hypocrisy.

When We Died Alexandra Donnachie

He’s dead, and it’s her job to prepare and present his body for his family’s final goodbye. She often imagines what each person’s life was like. But today she doesn’t have to imagine who he is. She knows him.<br/>Faced with the body of the man who raped her eleven months ago, When We Died is a striking new play about one woman’s choice to confront her trauma and tell her story, on her terms.<br/>An early version of the play was longlisted for the Bruntwood Prize for Playwriting in 2017. Extracts have been presented as work-in-progress for PILOT Nights and China Plate’s First Bite Festival (both at Midlands Arts Centre, 2019). When We Died premieres at VAULT Festival after further development supported by Pleasance Theatre’s LABS residency, the University of Northampton and the Travers Foundation.<br/>The show contains an account of rape, and descriptions of dead bodies. Please note, at no point is rape presented onstage.

Take Care Ecoute Theatre

Take Care follows the real-life story of Pam, a woman struggling to move her mother into a care home that’s closer to her. <br/>Along the way we meet other carers, NHS staff, politicians, journalists and MP’s all involved in the care system for older people.<br/>Darkly humorous, this documentary play shines a light on the hidden voices of carers and exposes the workings of a care system in desperate need of repair.<br/>***** 5 stars from The Scotsman
“Beautiful, heartbreaking and comical. This is more than theatre, this is real”<br/>***** 5 stars from Theatreworld
“This ingenious dark comedy will prick your conscience” <br/>All text in the production is word-for-word what people have said to us either in interviews or published in press releases and public speeches. The interviews have been collected over 5 years and we continue to add to them.<br/>After each show there is an optional informal post-show discussion at the Time For Change space at VAULT Festival. It is an opportunity to talk about the issues and subject matter raised in the production, share experiences, carry on the discussion around care and generally meet people and chat. Everyone is welcome, so come along, grab a drink, and say hello!

The Ultimate Lad Ash Palmisciano / Jon Brittain

"It's one thing to start living as male, it's another thing entirely to work out what kind of man you want to be..."<br/>Ash Palmisciano is just your average guy... who also happens to be trans. He's lived as male for a year now but he still feels like there's something missing. That is until he meets Jay, the uber-macho new guy at work, who's brash, arrogant... and exactly the kind of man Ash wants to be! After a wild night out together in Leamington Spa where Jay teaches him to man up, strut and banter, Ash embarks on a quest to become THE ULTIMATE LAD. It's a quest that will take him from working as a peasant at Warwick Castle to romancing a princess at Euro Disney as he as he learns all the wrong lessons about masculinity...<br/>For as Ash is about to find out, life as 'top lad' isn't really all it's cracked up to be...<br/>A work in progress written by and starring award-winning actor Ash Palmisciano (Summer in London, RSC's King Lear), THE ULTIMATE LAD is a hilarious and life-affirming autobiographical story about lad culture, being yourself, and the rules men feel they need to live by, told by someone who has experienced masculinity from both sides. <br/>Co-written and directed by Olivier Award-winner Jon Brittain (Rotterdam, Margaret Thatcher Queen of Soho, Baby Reindeer). <br/>Praise for Ash Palmisciano<br/>WINNER - Best Newcomer at Inside Soap Awards 2018
WINNER - Best Soap Newcomer at I Talk Telly Awards 2018<br/>Praise for Rotterdam<br/>Evening Standard **** "Smartly observed and very funny"
Time Out **** "Warm, witty and wise"<br/>Praise for Baby Reindeer<br/>Guardian **** "Jon Brittain’s production tightens its grip with terrible inexorability"
The List **** "Expertly structured and paced"

Border Control HACK Theatre

In Brexit Britain, can love survive borders?<br/>Award-winning playwright Michelle Sewell presents a sharp and quick-witted political drama that cuts through the heart of our immigration system to examine what it means for modern relationships.<br/>UK Visas and Immigration Officers scrutinise and dissect the minutiae of a young couple's turbulent marriage to decide on whether 3717 photos, Tesco receipts and occasional indulgences from Ann Summers qualifies them as being in love and able to remain in the UK.<br/>The play is followed by a panel discussion around Brexit, immigration, and the future of the arts, featuring high profile representatives from the political, charitable and artistic sectors.


A work in progress hour of comedy and storytelling from Funny Women Awards Finalist and star of BBC's Socially Awkward Situations. The perfect appointment if you've ever suffered from heartache, addiction to Love Island or a similarly embarrassing medical problem. With songs, characters, and a plethora of unfortunately true stories to keep you chortling to yourself for the rest of the evening.
"Kirsty is a smart character comic... grabs the gig by the funny bits, nowhere will a pound buy you more laughs" - The Scotsman.
"Excellent" - The Metro.
"For an excellent hour of comedy, this really cannot be missed" - Bunbury Magazine *****

The Mariner’s Song KinkyFish - Rajan Sharma

Calling all adventurers! <br/>Following their critical success at Edinburgh Fringe 2018 & 2019 (selected as’s Editors’ Pick), KinkyFish make their debut at The Vaults festival. <br/>KinkyFish invite you to join writer-performer Rajan Sharma as he navigates classical mythology, family history, and his own experience crewing on a deep sea challenge. In this intimate spoken word performance contemplating humanity’s primal connection to oceans, rivers and seas, prepare to brave the elements, sail stormy waters, and embark upon a lyrical voyage through the ages... Will you answer the Mariner’s call? <br/>'Wonderful storytelling' **** ( 'Beautiful and hypnotic' (ThreeWeeks).

Beastly Oddly

A devastating rise in sea levels has flooded out communities worldwide...but we're still alright. <br/>Unprecedented numbers of displaced people are taking to the seas in hope of finding a new home... which is fine, as long as it's not ours.<br/>Forest fires are burning in Portugal... but that's still far away enough, just about.<br/>It's 2049 and the world is struggling with climate change. Humans are taking steps to stem the tide; making veganism law, fossil fuels illegal and eradicating single use plastics. But these efforts seem futile and, in London, people are disappearing. In a little corner of the city we find Hanna, whose new friends and their never-ending supply of meat seem too good to be true. <br/>Hanna is the little bit of wilful ignorance that festers in all of us. Those in power feed on fear and fame and the masses are easily led. Greta Thunburg once urged 'our house is on fire', but Hanna can only respond with 'It's a rental, I've used blue-tack and the pipes are clogged with animal fat. Can I have my deposit back?'<br/>It's a world where the rich are feeding off the poor, quite literally, and it's every human for themselves.

Baaba’s Footsteps Susan Hingley + Honey-tongued Theatre Productions

Tokyo 2020: Yu, 39, career-driven but recently dumped by her long term job, keeps beating her head against societal pressures to get married. Sick of the patriarchy and feeling powerless, she struggles to fit in her own country. Can the answer to her self-doubt lie in following her great-grandmother Takako’s footsteps and travelling to San Francisco? Armed with an airplane ticket and Takako’s diary, Yu sets out to find herself. <br/>San Francisco 1920: Takako, 16, stares at the numerous men waiting on the dock. Armed with only a photo and a marriage certificate, she tries to recognise her new husband who she has never met, in a land she has never been. Facing down hostility and cultural differences, Takako, one of the many Japanese Picture Brides of the early 20th century, bravely sets out to create a home for herself in America. Lonely in a land that both welcomes and resents her, she finds solace in keeping a diary where she writes about her struggle. Can her diary help light the way for a great-granddaughter who she will never meet? <br/>BAABA’S FOOTSTEPS straddles time and place, but remains a story about love and belonging. Touching, infuriating and downright funny, Yu and Takako’s stories intertwine as two generations of women struggle to find their way in societies that do not accept them. From Japanese-American internment camps during WW2 to sexist work policies of 2020, we vortex through three eras by the hands of two women, struggling to find their places in lives set up for them by others. <br/>BAABA’S FOOTSTEPS is a new play, written by Susan Hingley, premiering at the VAULT Festival. It is proudly supported by the Arts Council England.<br/>- Lemon House Theatre on BAABA’S FOOTSTEPS:
"BAABA’S FOOTSTEPS takes you across different locations and time periods, but remains a story about home. It balances poignant moments with laugh-out-loud ones, with Susan weaving them together to create a story that shows that you can question your identity at any age.”

Freedom Hi ??? Papergang Theatre

At the time of writing this description (25th October 2019) the Hong Kong AntiELab protestors are entering their 20th week of action. Where will they be as you are reading this? Freedom-Hi is a synthesis, and by March 2020, possibly a retrospective, of theatre and performance art made by UK based Hong Kong and British East Asian artists during the protests. Personal experiences and geo-political commentary combine in an act of total theatre. We don’t know how this ends, this will never end-every thing about this show is subject to change. <br/>Peace is not peaceful
Acquiescence is violence
(Eternal Peace by Gabby Wong) <br/>Artist line up (subject to change): Bonnie Chan, Chung Yik Sau, Gabby Wong, Isabella Leung, Daniel York-Loh and Jan Chan.
Compiled by Kim Pearce for Papergang Theatre.
Produced by Clarissa Widya for Papergang Theatre. <br/>Image by Alexander Newton / Image Design by Kim Pearce

39 Degrees RedBellyBlack Theatre

It's the July 25th 2019. It's hot, too hot!<br/>The metaphorical gates of hell have opened for new Prime Minister Boris Johnson, so screw it, let's extend our overdraft limits for a cheeky pint.<br/>'I've had a week that even Craig David would shy from writing a song about, and now it's just too fuck'n hot'.<br/>A bold, physical and frankly piping hot piece of new writing. A dark comedy about friendship, fear and a fucker of a week. <br/>VAULT Festival Award Winners RedBellyBlack Theatre present '39 degrees'.<br/>Directed by Alistair Wilkinson (Digging Deep, VAULT Festival 2019, 'Crucial theatre' -Lyn Gardner)<br/>* * * * * ‘Mesmerising’ - The UpComing review for 'Ok, Bye'<br/>* * * * * 'Robust and elegant, full of the marrow of life' - LondonTheatre1 review for 'A Year From Now’ <br/>PS. (Nelly's 'Hot In Here' will not be featured, not even once)!<br/>Written by Kate Goodfellow
Choreographed and performed by Ruth Newberry-Payton and Kate Goodfellow.

Sugar Coat Emma Blackman Productions

4 stars Sugar Coat, which bills itself as “a new gig theatre show about love, loss and lubrication,” mixes narration, action scenes, and original songs to tell the story of its protagonist’s sexual journey through her teens and twenties. There is open, honest and graphic discussion of subjects that should be discussed more, but the show rightly opens with a trigger warning. Read the full review.

A new live music play about love, loss and lubrication. Based on a true story and pop-punk feminism. <br/>From the producers of the Fringe First award winning show Bobby & Amy and Three Weeks award winner writer Joel Samuels, comes a powerful gig theatre show that follows the coming-of-age story of a young woman spanning across eight years, from nineties shag bracelets to 21st century non-monogamous relationships.<br/>Featuring original music inspired by an eclectic mix of bands from Le Tigre to Veruca Salt, Sugar Coat is an exhilarating 60 minute journey of loud music, sexual content and many talented bad-ass womxn.<br/>**<br/>Sugar Coat is a 16 year old girl with good marks and a flair for music. But when she starts Year 13, her life changes forever. From bunking classes and using fake ID to snogging boys with greasy skin - she’s about to have sex for the first time. However, things don’t go exactly to plan. In fact, as the years go by, she has no idea what the plan ever was and how she’s supposed to navigate in this sexually confusing modern world.<br/>And she is not the only one. Around 300,000 women in the UK suffer from Vaginismus, an estimated 1 in 4 pregnancies in end in miscarriage, and non-monogamous relationships are at an all time high. Sex is anything but easy.<br/>Renowned director Celine Lowenthal, will lead the five strong cast of womxn actors and pop-punk musicians in an uplifting and liberating show about puberty, sex, feminism and reclaiming your body.

The Haus Of Kunst The Haus Of Kunst

The Haus Of Kunst is a collective of diverse artists, a platform for established and embryonic artists to experiment and showcase modern and classic art forms.
A diverse group of Artists each bringing their own unique flair to the show, meticulously curated each one as varied and eclectic as the next.<br/>The Haus Of Kunst is ready to open her doors to more voyeurs who want a little something special for the hearts and minds
Guests from all walks of life are encouraged to delve into the mysterious waters of The Haus Of Kunst, to be fully immersed in a new approach to live entertainment, each room of the Haus is intriguing and beguiling. <br/>Bold and daring The Haus Of Kunst celebrates passionate, disciplined, craftsmanship: and boasts an elite and diverse roster of international and local artists, from the UK right through to Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, Russia, Greece and more.
Spectators will be charmed, teased and challenged with a dazzling array of performance disciplines: Actors, Singers, Musicians, Dancers, Drag, Burlesque, Circus, pole, sideshow, clowning, queer art and many more.<br/>A cabaret revolution is upon us! We intend on being pioneers – Come through our front door if you dare...

Safe Sex Network Theatre Company

Safe Sex was Fierstein's personal response to living in the time of AIDS. It was his attempt to deal with his own confusion about AIDS. This show is really from the heart, and it has all the anger and frustration of those responding to the AIDS crisis.
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, commonly known as AIDS, first emerged in the United States in the year 1981. Cases of the disease were first reported in Los Angeles and New York when young, healthy, gay men began to develop unusual infections as a result of weak immune systems. Safe Sex is a humorous and honest tale of two male lovers living their lives together in the early years of the AIDS crisis in New York City. Is it best to abstain from sex altogether? Or is avoiding sex an excuse for being intimate? How far do we let fear control our lives. Fierstein brings to life with feeling and emotion the difficulties and joys of loving.

BIN JUICE Co-production between Catherine Kolubayev and Kitty Wordsworth

"Seeking apprentice for highly paid job opportunity working for hazardous waste removal company. Willing to get their hands dirty. Relevant experience not necessary. Competitive remuneration package". Apply within.<br/>Francine and Marla, employees of a hazardous waste removal company, are on the hunt for a new apprentice.  Having just escaped a life of misfortune, Belinda walks through the door, ready for her interview.  The process is absurd, but it’s not a problem for hopeful applicant Belinda who, unbeknownst to her future employees, is overqualified... VERY overqualified. Unfortunately, this job isn’t quite what it seems and someone is about to find themselves in a very sticky situation.<br/>Following its success as part of Flux Theatre’s EMERGE Night at The Bunker in June 2019, BIN JUICE showcases this all-female dark comedy, showing the dirty side of an already filthy job. Supported by an award-winning team comprised of writer Catherine Kolubayev, director Jessica Daniels, Resident Director of Girl From the North Country, and producer Kitty Wordsworth, BIN JUICE is a story of loyalty, revenge and secrecy. We’re all hiding from something... or someone. <br/>“Some jobs require getting your hands a little dirty... ”

Paul Foxcroft (Work In Progress) Monkey Toast

Paul Foxcroft returns to the Vaults with a work in progress show of new material spanning stand up, character comedy and improvisation. <br/>Let's talk about failure. At least that ought to be hard to screw up, right? <br/>Though this is a work in progress, so who knows what the content will be at this point. It might be a show about failures from personal experience to the national level and how those awful missteps can lead somewhere brilliant. <br/>But then again, it might not - Which would be a failure, so at least that would be on brand. <br/>Worst case scenario, we succeed.

Angus Dunican: Nice Bit of Kit Angus Dunican

A while back, things became too awful for Angus to cope with. So he got a massive dog, took up gardening, hid in suburbia and gave 'being normal' the ol’ college try. However, fixing yourself requires all the pieces and so he then had to go around looking for all the bits... like the Veetacore in 'Through the Dragon’s Eye'. <br/>The award-winning stand-up comedy human returns with a new hour about masquerading as a functional person, mice that are working on the secret of our salvation and finding out that you were quite sexy all along.

Tiger Mum Eva Edo

Constance, a black mother struggles alone to raise Elijah, her vocally gifted 8 year old bi-racial son in London today.<br/>Constance desperately misses the guidance of her recently deceased larger than life Jamaican mother, Agnes whose no nonsense parenting and hymn singing defined their lives.<br/>Fighting to protect her son she must fend off the dangers that threaten his survival – his father, an unequal education system, her own crushing self-doubt and the "fried chicken at the bus stop boys".<br/>In a significant moment, with everything hanging in the balance, the only thing that matters is whether Elijah has perfect pitch or not. <br/>Will Constance be able to live up to her mother’s high expectations and be worthy of the Tiger Mum crown? Will she be fierce enough to see off those who endanger her precious cub? And will Elijah be able to sing with a roar when it matters most ?<br/>A heartwarming and playful one woman show which navigates the highs and lows of motherhood in a world where for some safety appears to have become a privilege for the few. <br/>A mesmerising piece of theatre which will make you laugh out loud, cry, shake your fist and think - all in equal measures.<br/>Included in Lyn Gardner's PICKS FOR VAULT FESTIVAL.


Funny, funny, funny sketches we haven't written yet.<br/>Expect the unexpected, if what you don't expect is off-beat observations, beautiful sketches, witty repartee, startling wigs, intense social commentary and crackling sexual chemistry. If that sounds like what you were expecting, please expect the expected. Following sell out shows and critical acclaim for 2018's Richard Pictures, Anna and Emily are back at VAULT Festival to lay some fresh sketches on the comedy table.<br/>As seen on BBC, ITV and Channel 4 and heard on BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 1 and BBC Asian Network.

Glenn Moore (Work in Progress) Avalon Management

Perrier award nominee Glenn Moore works up a new hour of 'brilliantly original' (Chortle), 'blissfully silly' (Guardian) jokes. **** (Guardian, Chortle, The Scotsman, The Herald) As seen on Mock The Week, Stand Up Central, The Stand Up Sketch Show and as heard on Absolute Radio and The News Quiz).

Pigeons on L’edge Two Birds

"We have flown around the world with our show, getting five wings across the board! This is a true story - embellished slightly as the years have gone on for entertainment value of course! Feel free to bring your breadcrumbs as well, we're not one of those fancy theatres where you can't eat nothin. Coo Coo!" - The Pigeons<br/>Two Pigeons present their 'high quality' theatre show about the dangers of roosting on a department store. They've been through a lot, and they re-tell their story in that special way only two pigeons can.<br/>This show is for anyone who has ever had a useless boss or a demanding customer, anyone who's ever been pushed to the edge by the 9-5, the 6-4 or the 2-11, anyone who just who needs a good laugh after a crap day at work. Pigeons on L'edge is a comedic birds eye view into the world of retail. Ignored, abused and unsupported - what happens when ordinary people go flying off the ledge into insanity?<br/>Disclaimer: You could say some of this is a culmination and satirisation of many true stories. But the Two Birds could never confirm that of course. Any resemblances to real persons or entities, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Willis & Vere: Genius Willis & Vere

From the multi-award-winning, ***** comedy duo Willis & Vere (The Starship Osiris, A Serious Play About World War II) comes the story of a controversial artist's rise to fame and subsequent downfall, created entirely from audience suggestions. Featuring videos, audience participation and guaranteed laughter*. Reviews for previous work: ***** (The Wee Review), ***** (Broadway Baby), **** (Steve Bennett, Chortle), **** (The Stage), 'Rip-roaring silliness’ (Time Out) and ‘Masters of their trade’ (British Theatre Guide). (*Laughter not guaranteed).

The LOL Word Coming Out Special The LOL Word

After their award-nominated, sell-out run at VAULT Festival 2019, The LOL Word returns with a Coming Out Special! Join Chloe Green, Chloe Petts, Jodie Mitchell and double act Shelf as they present an hour of stand-up about that ancient queer ritual: coming out.<br/>This gang of best buds and rising comedy stars will have you hooting with laughter at VAULT, with a brand new show about all things queer. Get ready for a raucous, inclusive, relatable and joyful celebration of being a lesbian, queer, non-binary or bisexual (while we collectively process our trauma, of course).<br/>Tickets for last year's Prom Special sold fast and they were nominated for the coveted After Dark award, so grab a date or your mates and get tickets, quick!<br/>As seen at Soho Theatre, Southbank Centre, London Pride, Latitude, Bestival, Gilded Balloon. As seen in the Guardian, the Independent, Time Out, and seen on BBC3, Pink News and LADBible. Sell-out run at Edinburgh Fringe 2017, 2018, 2019.<br/>“Hilarious, slick and smart ... it’s refreshing and revitalising to watch: they are energetic and exciting, oozing with passion." - Guardian
"My favourite comedy club in London" - Sofie Hagen
"Fierce, fiery and every so funny" - Broadway Baby
"Smart, insightful and completely relatable" - DIVA

The Establishment: Le Bureau De Strange Mad Etiquette

Expert stupidity from multi award-winning comedy duo, Dan Lees and Neil Frost. <br/>Best Comedy Adelaide Fringe Weekly Award winner (2019). 'Silliness as an art form' **** (Scotsman). 'A fast-paced, multidimensional masterclass in comedy' **** (Edinburgh Festival Magazine). 'The Establishment have an unrivalled charm' **** (Fest). 'You can imagine this going down very well indeed at the Palladium or the BBC' **** (Stage). 'The best show I’ve seen this Fringe' ***** (Advertiser, Adelaide). 'Comic geniuses' ***** ( 'The most outrageously funny hours imaginable' ( 'Fast becoming Fringe favourites', Highly Recommended Show (

The Brief Life and Mysterious Death of Boris III, King of Bulgaria: Part The First Out Of The Forest Theatre

5 stars Let’s get one thing clear from the start: this play is not about Boris Johnson. It is not an allegory, it is not a pastiche, and it is not a political satire; it is not about Brexit. It is literally about Boris III, the erstwhile king of Bulgaria, who did a deal with the Devil in the shape of the Nazis but who maybe - just maybe - made the right call. It’s a dark and difficult story, shamefully unfamiliar to most of us… yet this show manages to tell it it with with humour, lightness, and song. Read the full review.

Combining first-hand accounts from WWII and Bulgarian folk tunes, “The Brief Life and Mysterious Death of Boris III, King of Bulgaria: Part The First” sets out to investigate the suspicious circumstances of our unlikely hero’s demise. I mean, it wasn’t every day that someone stood up to the Führer... <br/>Expect satire, revisionist history and live Bulgarian folk tunes as we explore the history of Boris, his sister and their motherland: the “fairytale” Kingdom of Bulgaria.<br/>Out Of The Forest Theatre returns to VAULT Festival after their sold out, Off West End Award-nominated CALL ME FURY and the multiple award-winning BURY THE HATCHET.<br/>By March 2020, here’s hoping every Boris is history.<br/>#MakeBorisHistory<br/>Written by Joseph Cullen & Sasha Wilson
Produced by Claire Gilbert for Out Of The Forest Theatre
Cast & creative team to be announced. <br/>??????? ?? ?? ????! <br/>??? ?? ???????

Helen Duff & Elf Lyons: Unlikely Darlings Helen Duff & Elf Lyons

A theatrical fairytale for the fierce hearted. <br/>Leanora Carrington was one of the most evocative and rebellious artists of the surrealist movement. A runaway, a writer, an artist and anarchist, Leanora Carrington refused to be put in a box. She escaped a mental institution via submarine, married an ambassador to escape the Nazis, and made omelettes with her own hair. <br/>Helen Duff and Elf Lyons would like to take you into her world.<br/>Through live music, mime, clowning, puppetry and entirely true stories, Duff and Lyons transport the audience into the divine and vivid mind of one of the most eccentric visionaries of the 20th century.

Ciarán Dowd: King Rodolfo (Work in Progress) Ciarán Dowd

Winner of the Edinburgh Comedy Award for Best Newcomer 2018 and Nominated for Breakthrough Act at the Chortle Awards 2019 returns to Vaults with a work-very-much-in-progress.<br/>One of the most bloody, violent and sexy periods of Spanish history has for too long been shrouded in mystery. As he nears the end of his life King Rodolfo the 1st of Spain looks back on his reign – how a poor swordsman, lothario and idiot could rise to the highest seat in the land. Expect political intrigue, all out war and for me to not know my lines.<br/>“The funniest show you will see this year” **** (Telegraph)
“A riot from beginning to end... a cult hit” ***** (Chortle)
“Comedy of the most ridiculous variety” **** (Guardian)

The Adventures of the Bearded Lady Theodora van der Beek

Dream job, huge fanbase, and in a committed relationship with a hunky dancing bear. Everything was going right for the bearded lady; until her secret came out... <br/>Appropriating Leonardos from da Vinci to DiCaprio, a gender bending journey and joyful f*ck you to a world that asks people to hide or change who they are.<br/>'Brilliantly understated comic... with the punk spirit of Deborah Harry & the Sex Pistols.’ The Scotsman<br/>Theodora van der Beek makes performances that challenge the gender binary and explore the mechanics of power & privilege. She is supported by the Arts Council and part of the Soho Theatre Young Company.

Kate Butch – Wuthering Shites Kate Butch

Kate Butch, the Comic Sans of Drag,. has written a musical based on the songs of her favourite singer and namesake, but needs your help to get 'BUSH!' to Broadway. Expect jokes, songs, games, and so much cloudbusting, from one of London's best rising drag stars. Catch this "great comedian" (WhatsOnStage) as she Runs Up That Hill, Dreams of Sheep and, of course, Wuthers your Heights.<br/>"If you see a more joyous or genuinely funny show this year, I'd be very surprised"
Buxton Fringe Review, 2017<br/>"A clear show stealer"
ScotsGay<br/>Buxton Fringe Best Comedy Winner 2017/2019