Space Play

2 stars

The lights fade to reveal a streaming star field.  Amidst the darkness, in the centre of an otherwise empty stage, stands a boxy-looking set; projected sequences play overhead, while loud sound effects bounce around.  The set, though sparse, is convincing as a broken spaceship, and the projections draw in familiar references ranging from Armageddon to The Martian.  A sense of darkness, of space, of danger, of relationships, of urgency and of hope is building well.

Review by Mike Lee published on Saturday 28 January | Read more

The Litterati

4 stars

Beneath London's streets, on the hidden fringes of society, lives a mysterious group known only as the Litterati.  The establishment would call it an underclass; its members call it a family; but to the capital's trend-setters, it's an icon of counter-culture, lauded for being "violent, but not excessive".  Millie, meanwhile, is a well-heeled millennial, who dreams of kick-starting a career in journalism with a feature in VICE magazine.  So when a contact puts her in touch with the elusive Litterati, she jumps at the chance to visit them and immerse herself in their world.

Review by Richard Stamp published on Saturday 28 January | Read more