The Buzztones are a 12-man a cappella singing group, who mix energy and enthusiasm with an impressive and very funny repertoire. They have a ton of musical talent, but also bring a welcome sense of irreverence and self-mockery to their show. The focus is retro, covering multiple artists and styles from the 80s, 90s and early 2000s, combining nostalgia with a healthy dose of humour to create a highly entertaining hour.

The members of the group take turns to introduce the various song medleys and all of them get a chance to shine with solo moments throughout the course of the show. They make good use of props, posture and facial expressions to add comedy to their excellent singing. I particularly like the way they interact with each other, messing about in the background while one of them is talking centre stage, or trying to put each other off during the songs.

They present their over-the-top personae in the best possible way - especially effective in an early medley of 90s boy band hits - and it’s clear they’re all having a lot of fun. The comedy works best when it’s part of the musicality, as some of the introductory sections seem stilted. The quality of the singing easily stands on its own and doesn’t need to be propped up with lame jokes and, in my view, at times the scripted interludes felt painful.

But it's the music that matters most; I know first hand how difficult it is do perform a cappella well, and I’m very impressed by The Buzztones’ cohesion and range. A rousing rendition of Pharrell Williams’ Happy brought back good memories of my own choir, and a lot of the show evoked the sounds of my adolescence. Stellar performances - and tremendous fun.